Fees page

Initial sessions are 2 hours ~During the first session we will discuss the process, your personal history, and the areas on which you want to focus.  We will work together to uncover any events and memories you may have that have contributed to the cause of your issue and develop a plan to help you get to where you want to go.  In most cases we are able to have you experience some of the techniques I use, and clients typically leave feeling lighter and more hopeful for the future.

I recommend all follow-up sessions be 90 minutes to allow us to get the maximum amount of work done, however, pre-paid packages allow for customized time blocks according to your schedule.

Because I provide additional focus and attention before and after our sessions, you are actually getting much more of my time and energy than the hours you will be paying for… I will provide:

  • Intake Form evaluation prior to your first session — You fill out a comprehensive, Confidential Intake Form prior to our appointment, instead of doing a complete history intake during our session, which will save you money and time, and allow us to hit the ground running and get a head start on your goals.
  • Communication via email or text after initial session and between appointments when needed
  • Provision of research on your behalf or homework, where appropriate.

In addition to single-session, pay as you go options,  I offer money-saving discounted  prepaid session packages to make your self-care easy and more affordable. Packages also help with your own commitment to emotional and physical health.

Session Package Rates:

A Pre-Paid Package:

Saves you money

Gives you priority when scheduling appointments

Saves you valuable session time

Allows you to break the packages into varying time periods

Allows you the flexibility to transfer any of your remaining sessions to a family member

As stated above, the first appointment is always a 2 hour session, and I recommend 90 minute sessions thereafter. However, with pre-paid packages you are buying time blocks, so you can mix and match the lengths of your sessions to match your schedule. Because these techniques work fast, we can accomplish more in 4 sessions than in months or years of traditional therapy (which could total tens of thousands of dollars.) There are no refunds for unused sessions, however, there is no expiration on the session dates either.

You can decide if you want a package plan at the end of our first session (and convert your single payment into a package.)

Pay as you go Single sessions

Initial session 2 hours — $180

Follow-up sessions – 90 minutes — $135

1 hour — $100

The 90-Minute Package – **This is the most popular package (and the best bang for your buck) because it offers a significant discount, plus the most variety, since you are purchasing blocks of time. For example, four 90 minute sessions could be two 90-minute sessions and three 1-hour sessions.

Prepaid session package – 6 hours total —$500 ($100 savings)

All sessions are to be prepaid. I accept major credit cards and payments via PayPal.  After the initial session, in-person packages and sessions may be paid by check at the time of services rendered, solely at the discretion of Amber Finnell. 

My appointment times are valuable and difficult to replace on short notice, so I do have a cancellation policy.  If you need to reschedule a session, please let me know 24-48  hours in advance in order to avoid being billed.




Individual Sessions

2 options

1st Option

Pay As You Go

Intial Session -2 Hours $180

Follow Up Sessions:

1 hour – $100

90 Minutes = $135 each ($15 savings)

2nd Option


Intial 2 Hour Session – $180
Block of Four 90 minute Sessions